The House

The House of Brooklyn Rascals (THBR) is the brainchild of Bettina D'Ascoli and Gabriela Montiel. Since 2012, THBR has been devoted to create children clothing that is not only beautiful and well crafted but also imaginative and playful like the children who wear them.

THBR's design vision is expressed in clothing that children love, full of color, and perhaps closer to toys or puzzle games than what us adults consider apparel. 

Tales of little ones waiting in front of the washing machine for their favorite THBR garment are not uncommon among our neighbors and friends. Those love stories fuel our days, are the reason why we exist and our only measure of success.

Our pieces are designed and hand-made in the USA. This continues to be a source of pride and a huge motivation for us and the people who support our vision.

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Bettina D'Ascoli

Bettina spent her childhood between sunny Miami and Caracas (Venezuela), where the raw materials and artifacts that her grandmother used make clothes were always part of her daily routine. At home in Caracas, family dinner took place amid fabrics, patterns, needles, and threads. The building blocks of what became her life's obsession.

In 2009, after years in the restaurant business, Bettina decided to combine a lifelong love for the craft of fashion with the experience of motherhood. Her first creation, the cape shirt, instantly became a must-have item among the preschoolers in the neighborhood. The cape shirt was soon sold at a Brooklyn gift shop and featured at New York Magazine's Shop-A-Matic blog, fueling a vision that later materialized into The House of Brooklyn Rascals.

As a designer, Bettina developed a signature style of bold colors, no compromise of form and function, embracing the playful chaos of mixed prints, and always offering a generous range of motion.

Gabriela Montiel

Born in California, raised in Caracas, like many designers before her, Gabriela landed in New York City pursuing a new voice. This journey took her to the classrooms of New York's Fashion Institute of Technology and Parsons School of Design, not to mention the many side jobs (from barista to intern at Elie Tahari) that at one point or another also influenced her viewpoint as a designer.

Launching her own fashion house was always part of the plan and in 2012 Gabriela joined forces with Bettina to create The House of Brooklyn Rascals.

Gabriela's design vision is materialized in play-oriented design features like reversibles and fantasy elements, expression through color, and the never-ending quest for the perfect fit.